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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some answers to typical questions we have received.

Q. Can I view the lessons on my iPhone, iPad or Android tablet?

A. Yes! This website is compatible with all platforms.

Q. Why can't I see the Download Materials?

A. Some browsers, Safari in Macintosh or Puffin in iPhones, block pop-ups by default. You must go to the Settings menu (this usually looks like a cog cog ) and un-block pop-ups in order for the materials to be displayed.

Q. The arrangements of the songs are technically too difficult for me. Are there simplified versions?

A. Yes! We can send you song versions with simplified voicings, so that the fingering is a little easier. The reharmonized chord sequence will stay the same. Write to us at the address below.

Q. The link to my FREE lesson does not work!

A. Sometimes your network IP address may change if you restart your router, or if you change location. Simply request another Free Lesson by re-submitting you email from the JazzPianoMastery home page

Q. What skills should one possess so as to be on the path to success with the course?

A. The main skill required (besides having basic piano skills) is that of memory, because learning to play the 5 tunes exactly like David plays them is the real goal of the course. This can be achieved by listening/watching and copying the video, reading the music, or both. Once you can play the tune from memory, David explains what’s going on with the theory side of it, thereby teaching you how to learn and arrange new tunes all on your own.

For further questions,

please write to email



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