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"I had reached a point of musical stagnation in my playing - I was tired of the same old harmonies, and I could never figure out how to create those rich passing chords that great players use. This course opened up my horizon, and now I have five tunes that I know will always impress my listeners!"

Robert N. - Bronx, New York

"This is a wonderful series of masterclass lessons on jazz harmony. This course has been extremely useful for me, and I think that initiatives like this website deserve all the publicity they can get! "

Frank P. - Modena, Italy

"I have been taking these classes only for a few weeks--I'm currently up to Lesson 5, and not only am I learning the tunes and the reharmonizations, but my playing in general seems to have become richer and fresher...without much effort, because I've internalized what I've learned so far. There are some very simple approaches (e.g., using diminished passing chords, using the voicings in the Exercises), many of which I've known about before, but experiencing them in the context of the tunes that David has presented really gets them into your fingers. Also, I have been going through David Berkman's "The Jazz Harmony Book" while taking these lessons, which for me seems to complement the lessons nicely. All in all, I'm very pleased--my playing has been reinvigorated."

John S.                                                                             (May 19, 2016)

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